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At Xtreme Customs, we fully understand the demands faced by all parties concerned (Consumers, Fleets, Insurers,) in today’s marketplace. We understand the need to provide our mutual customers with superior service and quality repairs while remaining competitive by continually monitoring, controlling & minimizing repair costs. Our processes have been designed with this in mind. We endeavor to ensue that each repair is preformed with the highest skill possible. Combined with our "VIP Service" (customer pick-up/drop-off & a $50.00 payment toward any 2nd tow fee) we are confident that we can and will satisfy your needs and the needs of our mutual customers.

We would sincerely like to thank you for taking the time to review the services we have to offer, if you’d like a personal tour or have any questions please contact us at anytime.

When it comes to customer satisfaction our team at Xtreme Customs is committed to the core.

We take your policyholder’s satisfaction very seriously.

Joe Dominelli



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